Webkinz Codes, Cheats and Memberships

Webkinz September Deluxe Challenge

The new Webkinz Deluxe challenge is now ready for the month of September. This month’s challenged started on September first and will go through the entire month.

The grand prizes are awesome for this month and you can get them all by completing three different tasks. If you complete the challenge you will get a Swing Set, Kinzville Academy Flagpole and a cup of Cream of Ivy Leek Soup.

webkinz september deluxe challenge

To participate, click on the deluxe challenge icon in your room and review the tasks. Some tasks take longer than others so make sure you give yourself enough time to complete them. The three tasks are the following:

  • Sign your pret up for any 10 classes at the Kinzville Academy.
  • Feed your pet 10 Apples from the WShop.
  • Earn 300 KinzCash by playing Crafty Canaries in the Arcade.

If you finish all three tasks you will get the three grand prizes. We regret to tell you that you have to sign up to be a Webkinz Deluxe member to play in the deluxe challenges.

if you are not a member, visit our Webkinz Deluxe membership pages.

Webkinz Acorn Collection Event Cheats

Participate in the Webkinz Acorn Collection event in the month of September to win cool prizes. During the entire month of September you can collect 50 Acorns to earn free prizes at Webkinz.

This is the first 2014 fall event on Webkinz and its one of the best ones we have seen for awhile. It’s a great chance to earn free prizes.

There are four ways to earn acorns on this game.

  • You can click on the Acorn Collection event icon found in your room once a day.
  • Get acorns from your friends by asking up to 10 friends a day. You can receive 5 acorns a day from friends.
  • Check out Webkinznewz.com for one extra acorn each day.
  • You can also purchase acorns with your eStore points.

Webkinz Acorn Collection Cheats

The more acorns you collect at Webkinz the more prizes you will get.

If you collect 10 acorns you will get the Oak Tree Rug for your room.

webkinz oak tree rug

When you collect 20 acorns you will receive the Oak Hollow Window.

webkinz oak hollow windwo

With 30 acorns you get the Oak Tree Fireplace.

webkinz oak tree fireplace

If you can collect 40 acorns you will earn the Oak Tree Flooring.

webkinz oak tree flooring

with all 50 acorns you get the Oak Tree Wallpaper.

Well, there you go Webkinz fans. Head over to the website and try to collect all 50 acorns to make a cool Oak Tree room. There won’t be many other players that have this room so this is one way to stand out from the crowd.

Webkinz Rare Items Cheats

Wouldn’t you like to know when the new Webkinz Rare items are coming to Webkinz? Well, now you can find all the rare items here on this page because we update them every day.

We hunt down the Webkinz rare items so that you don’t have to. We will spend the time to find them and all you have to do is come to this page and find out where they are located and what time you can get them. Pretty cool huh?

Most of the Webkinz rare items can be found in the Arte’s Curio Shop in Webkinz World. Usually, we will be able to update this page with the newest items about 12 hours before they are put in the stores.

Webkinz Rare Items

The rare items are organized under each date. The most recent are at the top while the older ones are towards the bottom of the page. They go in order, starting with today’s date. We hope this helps you find and buy the Webkinz rare items.

August 11, 2014 Rare Items

webkinz rare items august 11

The Webkinz Rare items above are the Webkinz Contessa Candle Lamp and the Medieval Dresser. You can get the Contessa Candle Lamp at 3PM KT and the Medieval Dresser at 5PM KT.

August 10, 2014 Rare Items

webkinz rare items august 10

The Webkinz Rare Items above are the Baroness Bookshelf and the Mad Hatter Tea Table. You can acquire the bookshelf at 10 AM KT, and the Tea Table at 2 PM KT.